How it Works

Protecting New Files

Simply put, Atakama protects data using advanced threshold cryptography and by inextricably linking files stored in one location to more than one physical device.

After a quick set-up process to link your trusted devices together, all it takes to protect new files is to move them to the Atakama secure folder. Drag-and-drop them inside or save files directly to it for instant results.

What Atakama does

When a file is added to Atakama, it's instantly encrypted using AES-256, the largest key size for the AES standard. Atakama then splits up the unique key generated for the file as part of the encryption process, encrypts those smaller pieces, and distributes them to your trusted devices running Atakama software.

Opening Protected FIles





Opening an encrypted file without its unique key is mathematically impossible. Since files protected by Atakama have their keys split into smaller pieces which are each stored on a different device, Atakama begins the process of opening your file by requesting the correct key fragments from each of your trusted devices.


After users confirm with a tap on their mobile device, the piece of the file's unique key stored on that device is securely transmitted back to the requesting computer for Atakama to reconstruct.

Don't worry about what happens if you lose a device -- we've got that situation covered.


Atakama confirms that the necessary pieces of the key have been correctly rebuilt before decrypting and opening the file on the requesting computer. This entire decryption and file opening process takes place instantly.


How does Atakama work to protect data?

Files protected by Atakama are encrypted using the AES-256 standard. A unique private key (a file based on a random number that acts like a strong password) is generated for each file which Atakama splits into smaller pieces, each of which are also encrypted before being distributed across more than one physical device that you trust, such as your smartphone or tablet. A trusted device can also belong to colleagues, close friends, or family members.

As a result of Atakama managing keys in this fashion, hackers and malware are unable to access files protected by Atakama without having both physical and digital access to your devices.

Instead of requiring a password when opening a file encrypted by Atakama, an approval request is pushed to your trusted devices. A simple tap of the "Approve" button in the Atakama mobile app securely transmits the piece of the requested file's key stored on that device back to your computer. Atakama then recombines the key from its pieces, decrypts, and opens the file. This entire process takes place instantly.

What is Atakama and what does it do?

Atakama is a data privacy and security solution that leverages advanced encryption technologies as well as the processing power of your computer and your mobile devices together to safely and securely protect your data better than any single device could by itself.

Who can see the files I protect with Atakama?

The Atakama system architecture ensures that you, and only you, are able to view and access the data you protect with Atakama. There are no back doors for remote access or administration of any kind, even for us.

Will Atakama work with all of my devices?

We built Atakama to work with as many platforms as possible. Atakama for desktop and laptop computers is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux and the Atakama Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. You can mix and match any combination of devices and operating systems.

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